Friday, July 8, 2011

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Brockton City Councilor

Newton, Massachusetts – July 8, 2011 – While Brockton City Council continues an investigation of Brockton water billing this month, a complaint has been filed with the Massachusetts Ethics Commission asking for a Conflicts of Interest investigation of Brockton Councilor Thomas Brophy.

David Kruger filed the complaint today. In the complaint, Mr. Kruger wrote:

“The direct conflict of interest by Councilor Thomas Brophy is that his brother, Martin Brophy, is Brockton’s Treasurer. I understand the charge of Treasurer in Brockton to include processing water billing as well as tax liens and demand notices with respect to water billing. At issue is that Councilor Thomas Brophy has made statements critical of his City Council investigation and if (the Ethics) Commission does not act, he will continue vote to on matters directly or indirectly involving his blood relative, Martin, through his City Council authority..”

Mr Kruger also asked the Ethics Commission to review a newspaper quote by Mr. Brophy where the City Councilor said: “A couple councilors want to lead the charge with pitch forks and torches. That’s not how I operate.” The complaint says “this statement reads as an attempt by Mr. Brophy to quiet other City Councilors from questioning hard in the matter of water billing, liens and demands; matters that involve his brother”

David Kruger
947 Chestnut Street
Newton, MA 02464