Sunday, November 10, 2013


The Brockton Police Log has been updated to November 7th, 2013. PLease check it and find out what going on in and near your neighborhood and in the City. Please click here to go to Log.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Nine months ago Bill Carpenter announced that he would be running for Mayor of Brockton. Then all around the city we began to see the signs on every street and every corner. "It takes a Carpenter to Build a City." Informing the residents of his own personal finances up front he continued with a plan that would help rebuild Brockton.

Educating the residents about the proposed power plant and taking a stance against raising property taxes and having former Boston Superintendent and founder of Bostons gang unit Robert Hayden on his team to come up with a plan to fight crime. The plan started to come together and a pivotal moment was a video of Bill walking along Boston's Hospital District showing similar but smaller power plants that co-existed with the people and the area around it. 

The momentum was picking up and with just four days left until the election The Enterprise, Dick Zaccaro, Gary Keith Sr. and Water Commissioner Patrick Quinn all endorsed Bill Carpenter for Mayor.

Even in Ward 4 where the proposed power plant might be built Mayor Balzotti won by less than 300 votes with that ward carrying over 1400 voters.

So tonight Bill Carpenter has won the Mayoral race in Brockton to defeat Brockton's First Woman's Mayor.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Brockton- Two recent shooting in Brockton show that crime and danger are a reality for the people who live in the city and the reality for people who don't live here is they don't come here and the perception is not that far off. On Thursday a Campello Neighborhood had a daytime shooting between three motor vehicles and then on Friday night on Taber Avenue 2 people were shot and one was Medflighted to a Boston Hospital and the other was taken to Brockton Hospital. In light of the recent crime we go to the polls on Tuesday to vote for our City Officials.

 The Enterprise has come out to endorse Bill Carpenter in the Sunday Issue saying"New ideas on crime fighting, plans for community development, commitment to change the culture of city agencies toward development proposals, a promise to bring diverse voices and faces to the table and a vision for what this city could and should be are all good reasons we recommend voters select Bill Carpenter as the next mayor."

 Also endorsing Bill Carpenter is Dick Zaccaro Business owner, Community Activist and recently ran for Ward 7 Councilor. He is quoted as saying " I fully support Bill Carpenter as our next Mayor of Brockton. We can no longer sustain any additional tax increases as currently being proposed by Mayor Balzotti's Administration to balance the $3.7 million dollar fiscal year 2014 budget shortfall. said Zaccaro. " We already have the 20th highest commercial tax rate out of 342 communities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and also the 78th highest residential tax rate out of the 342 communities. Any additional tax increase would be devastating to our local economy and result in a further reduction in any new growth."

 Gary Keith Sr. who ran for City Councilor is also endorsing Bill Carpenter in a statement to Brocktonbeat "It was a very last minute decision because it was a hard decision to make as I believe that Mayor Balzotti has done a remarkable job over the last 4 years and I really like her personally, but when I ran for city Councillor at large, I did so with trying to make positive changes in our city to move us forward, and after talking to both candidates on occasions, I believe that Bill Carpenter is the stronger candidate to lead this city forward.

 AS, I have said on many occasions when Bill and I have talked, we differ on the power plant, but we have more issues than just that and if Brockton were to get a PP, it will be because of the sitting council that will win this Tuesday. As far as some personal issues he might of had, were just that, HIS personal issues, that if I were faced with the same situation, would have probably done the same thing. However, our city budget accounts have safe guards on them called fiscal watchdogs, as well as a CFO and our city Councillors who vote off on anything like that.

 The best thing I like about Bill Carpenter for mayor is that he maintained what he believed in throughout the whole election without wavering even in the face of opposition and scrutiny, but he came with a plan, whether you liked it or not, he had a plan which showed him thinking outside the box. Brockton has so many problems that we need someone with new innovative ideas and someone who is going to think outside the norm.

 Bill Carpenter is a dedicated family man, like myself and I can relate to him wanting to make Brockton the best place it can be for his family to live and for all families to live. As my campaign slogan was transition for change, well if Bill Carpenter is elected as our next Mayor, the changes that I wanted to see if I were elected to city council will start to materialize."

 We are please to announce Brocktonbeat's endorsement of Bill Carpenter. In the past four years starting with the Mayors first real crisis with the Water Billing debacle. We found that in many instances she never talked to the residents or the media. That in the course of the investigation by the firm that was picked to do the audit their own recommendations were that the Water Department was ill-equipped to handled the billing software and were not trained in the past 5 years in using it. We found that Mayor Balzotti fell silent on the people that voted her in and hundreds of residents were left in the dark and had to pay for water they never used. Mayor Balzotti never reprimanded the department heads and this past summer gave them raises. In the public safety department we feel that Mayor Balzotti will over emphasize the number of police by saying we are adding 12, when in fact they are replacements for retires or those who have left. The net increase has not been above 185 and in fact we are short by 45-50 police. We need a Mayor that is going to be proactive and act within the first few months of becoming Mayor in looking at Bill Carpenters plan for action, Brocktonbeat feels that its a plan of action and also a plan that can have some immediate impact on Brockton within the first few months.

 "The City of Brockton is at a crossroads. We will either roll over and let the criminals take control of our city or we will fight back. I choose to fight back!" said Carpenter. "We will take back our neighborhoods, block by block." At the heart of the Carpenter 10-point plan is the following:

 1. Relentless Pursuit: We will relentlessly, aggressively pursue, remove and prosecute every gang member, thug, pimp and drug dealer in the City of Brockton.

 2. Saturated Enforcement: Increase police presence using motorcycle patrols and deploy traffic units to conduct motor vehicle stops in high gang/high crime areas. Utilize every available resource to take back control of the city.

 3. Counter-Insurgency Techniques: Adopt counter-insurgency tactics, similar to those used by the U.S. Military in Iraq, to identify and remove urban terrorists from our neighborhoods.

 4. Community Police: Every Brockton Police Officer will be a Community Police Officer, working within the community to establish a partnership with the residents of Brockton to fight crime in every neighborhood.

 5. Community Involvement: Establish a Street Leader Program, Neighborhood Walks, and distribute materials to residents in multiple languages. Re-launch and promote a “Text a Tip” program, for anonymous reporting of information to police.

 6. Police Hiring Plan: Create an aggressive hiring plan to increase the size of the Brockton PD. Proactive Policing will require more “boots on the ground”.

 7. Quality of Life: Utilize City Ordinances to conduct Quality of Life Enforcement Campaigns in target neighborhoods. Enforce Loitering, Public Drinking, and Noise Ordinances. Apply the City’s Nuisance Ordinance to remove graffiti, junk vehicles and secure and clean up abandoned homes.

 8. Drug Court: Work with State and County leaders to establish a Plymouth County Drug Court in Brockton. 90% of property crime is committed by people stealing to support a drug/alcohol addiction.

 9. Community Forums/Programs: Establish regular community forums, meet with civic associations, faith-based groups and newly organized neighborhood associations. Develop & expand community based programs geared toward young people at risk.

 10. G.R.E.A.T Program: Re-implement the G.R.E.A.T Program (Gang Resistance Education & Training) in the Brockton Public Schools as the first step in implementing anti-gang and anti-drug curriculum into our Middle and Elementary schools.

Brocktonbeat feels that Bill Carpenter with the work he has already done will be able to start day one with a plan that ready to go. Also Former Boston Police Deputy Superintendent Robert Hayden, has joined the campaign as Special Adviser on Public Safety. He is one person to have on board when it comes to fighting crime. He is credited with creating Boston's first city wide anti-crime gang unit.

 On Tuesday, November 5th please vote. You are in Great Company with The Enterprise, Dick Zaccaro, Gary Keith Sr., and BrocktonBeat all who have endorsed Bill Carpenter for our new Mayor for Brockton.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The Brockton Police log has been updated to October 27th, 2013. Check out and see what's happening around the city and in your neighborhood. Please click here to go to the Brockton Police Log.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thank You to the Enterprise for Making this a Reality!

Fundraiser comes through for Brockton twitterer

By Amy Carboneau

Posted Oct 22, 2013 @ 10:30 PM
Last update Oct 22, 2013 @ 10:36 PM

@Brockton24_7 expected to get new computer on Nov. 1
Twitter fiend Frank Kelly will have a new computer soon thanks to donations collected by Robert Morano, a fellow avid Tweeter known online as BrocktonBeat.
On Tuesday, Morano sent the news out via – where else – Twitter: “We raised almost $280 and we were able to get a refurbished HP desktop from Sears. It is on order from the Warehouse. Thank You to all.”
Morano, who has never met Kelly, started the fundraiser when he read in The Enterprise that Kelly had gone offline on Oct. 1 due to a water spill on his keyboard.
Kelly, a 54-year-old retired electrician and former EMT, tweets often – sometimes several times an hour – to his more than 2,700 followers.
He covers mostly breaking news, a service that Morano said is essential to the city.
“Frank fights crime in his own way,” Morano said.
“We try to get the missing persons and the BOLOs out,” added Kelly, “because the amount of followers we have now are a lot of cops from the surrounding towns.
“We can tweet a lot quicker than they can make a phone call,” added Kelly, who said he was embarrassed by the notoriety. “That was very nice of him to do.”
Kelly’s new computer is scheduled to arrive Nov. 1. Morano plans to meet Kelly for the first time next week when he hand-delivers his new computer.
Amy Carboneau may be reached at or follow on Twitter @Carboneau_ENT.

Read more:
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Two More Debates left between Mayor Balzotti and Bill Carpenter

BROCKTON- Two more debates between Mayor Balzotti and Bill Carpenter will be held before the election on Monday, October 28th, at the Buckley Fine Arts Center at Massasoit Community College. The Enterprise and WATD will sponsor the debate. The debate will be broadcast on WATD and WXBR. The third debate will be on October 29th at the Brockton Council on Aging and will be hosted by Brockton's own Radio station WXBR 1460 AM and Brockton Community Access.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Lets Help a Fellow Brocktonian Fight Crime Online.

I read about Frank Kelly of Brockton, Ma in the Enterprise this morning an article by Maria Papadopoulos.
He tweets crime and news constantly on his Twitter site @Brockton24_7. He is one of the unsung heroes that helps fight crime in his own way and his over 2000 followers including media like my site and others use his vital information.

Frank helps fight crime in the best way he knows how by listening to the police scanners all day and it seems night long. Please read the Enterprise Story by Maria Papadopoulos. 

According to the article Frank stopped tweeting on October 1st because he spilled coffee on his computer. Frank is a true crime fighter and I would like to help by raising money on
With His followers on Twitter and if we all just donate 5 dollars we can have him up and running and giving us vital information in no time.
Please click her for GoFundMe and if you are a follower please donate a few bucks and lets get Frank back online. I miss him!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The shooting at Joe Angelo's Bar is documented in the police log. On page 22 at 1:50 for gunshot call by shot spotter at 18 Maple Ave and at 1:52 for gunshot call at 11 Crescent Street the address for Joe Angelo's Bar.


Sunday, September 29, 2013


Brockton- Around 2:00 a.m.  last night gunshots were fired outside of Joe Angelo's Bar and a 45-year old male was sent by medflight to a Boston Hospital and was treated and released.
The victim was standing inside the bar and was hit by one of several shots that were fired. No arrests have been made and police are actively investigating the shooting.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Shots Fired in Brockton Area During Dangerous Car Chase.

Brockton- A Suspect used a shotgun during an armed robbery on Pleasant Street today around 12p.m.  A car chase ensued in the area and came to a stop on Thatcher Street in Brockton.
Police fired on and shot the suspect near the landfill on Thatcher Street. The suspect was taken to the hospital by ambulance.
The chase went thru several towns and gunfire was reported thru-out the area during the car chase. The suspect allegedly fired out his window at police during the chase

Police from several departments including the State Police, Whitman Police and Brockton police pursued the subject to Route 18 south and the suspect continually fired shots out the window. The suspect made it back to Brockton via Route 18 and then to the landfill on Thatcher Street and still was exchanging gunfire with police before being shot and apprehended and taken to the hospital.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Carpenter and Balzotti in November

It will be William Carpenter and Incumbent Mayor Balzotti this November for Brockton's Mayoral race. Carpenter got 3035 votes, while Balzotti gathered 3853.  Chris Macmillian recieved 1355 while Ron Matta got 455 votes.

It will be a close vote and Carpenter will need the voters from Macmillian and Matta's campaign if he is to win over Balzotti in November. This begs to ask are Anti-power plant opponents from the Macmillian and Matta camp ready to come over to the Carpenter camp. Neither candidate have endorsed anyone for mayor yet and with a turnout of just under 20% it will be unlikely to see a higher turn out in November with the average on a non-presidential  election year Brockton rarely ever turns out even 15%.

So in the next couple of weeks we will see what strategy Carpenter will use to gain the votes he needs to win over a strong Balzotti camp.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ask the Magic Eight Ball for Brocktons Mayoral Race

Each election Brocktonbeat gets out the old Magic Eight Ball and asks the questions about who will win the 2013 primary for Mayor.

Linda Balzotti---Definatley not

Ron Matta--- Possible

Chris Macmillian---Possible

Bill Carpenter---Yes

So until the next election. BrocktonBeat's Magic Eight Ball goes in the desk drawer.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mayoral Candidates 2013 Contributions Raised.
These are the amounts raised this year by the 4 mayoral Brockton candidates as of August 31, 2013. William Carpenter was the candidate with the most money raised with $38,772.74 with Incumbent Mayor Balzotti raising $21,270.00.   
Chris Macmillian came in third with $10,131.06 and Ron Matta raised $3,160.00

Bill Carpenter raised $38,772.74 this year with starting balance 
of $1,305.24 

Linda Balzotti raised $21,270.00 with starting balance of 

Chris MacMillian raised $10,131.06 with starting balance of 0. 

Ron Matta raised $3,160.00 with starting balance of $442.04 

For more information on the candidates financials please visit the link below for the Office of Campaign and Political Finance. 


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Missing Teen Emma McWilliams Located and is Home.

Emma McWilliams age 16 was missing since Saturday, August 31 was located last night at 8p.m. and is home. No other information is available at this time.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Missing Since August 31, Emma McWilliams, Age 16. Believed to be in the Brockton Area.

16 year old Emma McWilliams has been missing since Saturday, August 16, 2013. She lives at her father's house in Wareham where she is missing from. She is originally from Whitman. Her mother Denise Goldsberry is hoping she is at a friends house in whitman. Emma also was using her facebook account and talking to a boy in his late teens on Saturday night and he is believed to be from Brockton. If anyone has any information please contact the Wareham police at 508-295-1212

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2013 Brockton Mayoral Debate on 95.9FM WATD

Brockton Public Library presents Summer Reading winners

Brockton Public Library’s annual summer reading program for children was a smash hit this year. At last count, 672 children signed up for Dig Into Reading with programs sponsored by Brockton Cultural Council, Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, Massachusetts Library System, and Brockton Public Library. Brockton Library Foundation provided prizes to all participants at our end of summer reading parties. While every child received a prize, these eight lucky readers also won raffled prizes. A fun summer filled with reading was had by all.
Monster’s University Book Bag & Lunch Box winners were Jhon Mizhirumbay and Frank Mizhirumbay. Princess Sophia Book Bag & Lunch Box winners were Makenna Oksmar and Ashley Rodriguez. ToysRus $25 Gift Card winners were Kerlave Laetiz Sylvestre and Liliana Renaud. Claires $25 Gift Card winner was Arianna Murphy. Disney Classic Storybook & DVD winner was Cherant Raphael.
Brockton Public Library is located at 304 Main Street, Brockton, MA, 508-580-7890. All programs are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted. You do not have to be a resident of Brockton to attend. We are a member of Old Colony Library Network (OCLN.) Any resident of Massachusetts can register for a free Brockton Public Library card; bring photo ID and proof of current address to the main circulation desk. For more information, call 508-580-7890. For branch hours and locations, calendar updates, and online/downloadable products, check out our website at; Twitter at brocktonlibrary; Facebook fan page at

Elizabeth A. Marcus, Director
Brockton Public Library
304 Main Street
Brockton, MA 02301
508-580-7890 x101

Brockton Public Library presents: Library Wins Federal Grant

Brockton Public Library is pleased to announce that we are recipient of a federal Preservation Assessment grant. This project is being funded through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners with funds from LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act), a Federal source of Library funding provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The purpose of the grant is to provide consulting services for preservation recommendations on the library’s materials with a focus on historic preservation. The end result of the grant will be a long term strategic plan for improvement of the library’s preservation environment. Library Director Elizabeth Marcus states, “This federal grant is a needed stepping stone that will position us for future preservation and digitization efforts at the library. I’m very excited that we were awarded this important grant.”
For more information, contact Elizabeth Marcus, Director at 508-580-7890 x101 or
Brockton Public Library is located at 304 Main Street, Brockton, MA, 508-580-7890. All programs are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted. You do not have to be a resident of Brockton to attend. We are a member of Old Colony Library Network (OCLN.) Any resident of Massachusetts can register for a free Brockton Public Library card; bring photo ID and proof of current address to the main circulation desk. For more information, call 508-580-7890. For branch hours and locations, calendar updates, and online/downloadable products, check out our website at; Twitter at brocktonlibrary; Facebook fan page at

Elizabeth A. Marcus, Director
Brockton Public Library
304 Main Street
Brockton, MA 02301
508-580-7890 x101

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


                                                   Theft - Case No. 130255 
                                                   May 05, 2013 
                                                   Brockton : Department Stores

Case Details:
Unidentified male used victims credit cards at multiple locations in Brockton to purchase gas, gift cards and other items. Suspect seen wearing a Blue "Lions" hooded sweatshirt.

 If you have any information about the identity of this person or where they are, please contact:

  Canton Police: (781) 828-1214 x 303 
Investigator: John Ruane 
Case Submission No.: 130255

Check out Mass Most Wanted

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Brocktonians for Limited Taxation Meeting

The next meeting for Brocktonians for Limited Taxation will be January 16th, 7pm at the Arnone School-135 Belmont Street in Brockton. Here is the special edition of An Outside View on the Brockton Property Taxes.