Sunday, July 10, 2011


David R. Krueger a leading activist in helping Brockton residents with their water bills and also a victim of this mess is leading an ethics complaint against City Councilor at large Thomas Brophy. In an open letter to the media as follows:

Newton, Massachusetts – July 8, 2011 – While Brockton City Council continues an investigation of Brockton water billing this month, a complaint has been filed with the Massachusetts Ethics Commission asking for a Conflicts of Interest investigation of Brockton Councilor Thomas Brophy.

David Kruger filed the complaint today. In the complaint, Mr. Kruger wrote:

“The direct conflict of interest by Councilor Thomas Brophy is that his brother, Martin Brophy, is Brockton’s Treasurer. I understand the charge of Treasurer in Brockton to include processing water billing as well as tax liens and demand notices with respect to water billing. At issue is that Councilor Thomas Brophy has made statements critical of his City Council investigation and if (the Ethics) Commission does not act, he will continue vote to on matters directly or indirectly involving his blood relative, Martin, through his City Council authority.

Mr Kruger also asked the Ethics Commission to review a newspaper quote by Mr. Brophy where the City Councilor said: “A couple councilors want to lead the charge with pitch forks and torches. That’s not how I operate. The complaint says “this statement reads as an attempt by Mr. Brophy to quiet other City Councilors from questioning hard in the matter of water billing, liens and demands; matters that involve his brother.
David Kruger

In a email that was sent to BrocktonBeat about comments Mr.Brophy made in the local Paper about Mr.Kruger not being in the city database:

tom brophy

"I am not going to recuse myself from this or any other matter that is before the City Council. I asked for the audit, along with Councilor Monahan in order to find out what was arong with the billing process in the water department. I expect the problem to be addressed and I am confident that Mayor Balzotti will hold people accountable, whoever they are or who they are related to. Now someome from NEWTON is questioning me. the Enterprise did not indicate where Mr Kruger owns property in Brockton and I checked with in the assessors data base and there is no David R. Kruger who owns property in Brockton. In response to Hossofcourse's allegations, if you want to call me a racist, do it, but have the guts to do it to my face instead of hiding behind a made up name. i stand behind my service to all the residents of the City of Brockton for 20 years, no matter who they are, and will contunue to do so."

David R. Kruger has been at many of the water meetings and has led the cause of helping the residents out of this mess that the DPW has taken pitchforks and torches to their houses with. In response to this belittlement of yet another homeowner and the conscious effort our government is making to protect the upper Brotherhood over at Montauk Road, David R. Kruger's Houses in which he is a tax paying member of Brockton wrote in an email to BrocktonBeat at 12 a.m:

"The fact that the complaint --- which is really a polite inquiry to ethics experts -- came from someone out of Brockton caused him to fear loss of control.  He can’t say it’s an political adversary.  so he used his brother’s database to try to get some background.  Perhaps Kruger didn’t pay for ten years…., perhaps he inherited from the mob…same thing they did with Ayanna, trying to use the city database to discredit.  So he didn’t find my name because my wife owns those townhouses.   him and his background checks.  The fact that he further said he will not dismiss himself on ANY  proceedings is a criminal matter. They might get him, they might fine him, they might embarrass him…these inbred stuffed-shirts don’t care.  They fear nothing.  I don’t know the ethics of Councilor Brophy but judging from his knee jerk, dumb and stupid style – he needs to take time out"

For a City Councilor not leading the charge with "Pitchforks and Torches" sounds like Mr. Brophy is doing it to this home owner, but "That’s not how I operate." Mr. Kruger came to the aid of many burnt out residents who were at their wits end with this man made water billing mess. In a time back in January when the residents home's were liened by Mr.Thoreson and many were treated with disrespect, he helped when our own city government seemed more interested in protecting DPW upper management then helping solve the problems. Mr. Brophy is starting to act the same way as Mr. Thoreson has, treating residents like flies on a dead dog, and now a councilor who wants to hold people accountable, is going after home owners using a database.

 Did Brophy think this David R. Kruger did not exist, Hell, he spoke at the meeting in January that Mr. Brophy was at and explained his story, we have it on videotape. How does Mr. Brophy work and who is going to be held accountable according to you and your database. Now we have a City Councilor at large going after home owners and doing the very same thing that he accused other city councilors of doing to DPW. Its alright for DPW and you to use pitchforks and torches but when the residents do it to DPW it's called not movin on and we need to move beyond this. Who does Mr. Brophy really work for.The complacency is starting to show after 20 years. People we need change from top to bottom and Brockton is going to stay the same until we start changing the way we think and start putting new leaders in.