Thursday, October 28, 2010


Photo Courtesty of The Brockton Post
     Gov. Deval Patrick is expected to come to Brockton Friday the 29th. The Governor will  be at Brockton High School at 9:30am making a presentation. As most of America knows Brockton High School has made incredible strides for a large High School breaking the rule "Small is Better" by out scoring over 90% of the High Schools in Massachusetts in Reading.
     With election day just  a couple of  days away, the Governor will be heading over to the Democratic re-election campaign headquarters in Brockton and supporting the "Get Out the Vote" bus. The bus will be touring dozens of communites before election day all along the southeastern part of Massachusetts.


The BrocktonPost

BROCKTON--Brockton Public Schools will now offer parents an online account for student lunches that allows parents to prepay balances, review purchases and keep an eye on what their kids are eating to ensure students are making healthy choices.
In a prepared statement, school officials said the new program is a partnership with Mealpayplus, an online prepayment system that offers parents a safe, easy and convenient way to prepay for their children's school meals. For full article please see todays Brockton Post.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The BrocktonPost

BROCKTON--The Brockton Fire Department is asking residents for help--before Oct. 31.
They're not asking for money or increased taxes, just head to Liberty Mutual Insurance's website and help the department win a contest for a $10,000 grant toward programs and services.
"We encourage all residents and their families to take this time to learn and become more safety conscious in their daily lives," said Fire Lt. Joseph DePasquale in an email. "This grant will be used to help the Fire Department continue its efforts to make Brockton a safer place to live," he said.
The contest ends Sunday Oct. 31.
All residents have to do is go to and take a simple 10-question quiz.
We at BrocktonPost took the quiz and we finished in less than 2 minutes. Questions were multiple choice or true and false. Answers offer fire safety basics and facts.
Don't wait--visit
(Photo courtesy Liberty Mutual Insurance)
This story was used with the permission of The Brockton Post.
We also at BrocktonBeat took the quiz and finished in less than 2 minutes.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The Brockton Post-A State Police spokesman said one victim has been transported to Brigham and Women’s Hospital by medical helicopter and four others have been transported by ambulance to Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton after a multiple car accident on Route 24 at about 10:45 a.m. today. State Police spokesman Sgt. Matthew Murray said as of about Noon two travel lanes have been reopened. After the accident occured all lanes traveling north were closed near the Harrison Boulevard exit in Avon.
Murray said the righthand travel lane and the breakdown lane are now open and the highway traveling south is open.
There is no further information about the victims at this time.


     The Brockton Police log is updated to October 25, 2010. You can read the latest here in our Brockton Police Log section. Along with the log we also feature information on the Brockton Police Department and information on cases that they need the public help in. If in an emergency always call 911. If you have information on past crimes remember that it is our responsibility to help keep our neighborhoods safe. BrocktonBeat firmly believes when we know what is going on in our neighborhoods that it makes it safer. \
     We strive to post as much information about what goes on in our neighborhoods so that you will know if any type of crimes trends are happening in your area and what to look for. If you have any stories of interest or would like to become a crime reporter with BrocktonBeat please email us at

Monday, October 25, 2010


     The Brockton City Council will be meeting Monday, October 25th for its bi-monthly meeting. On the nights agenda will be the staffing of eight city firefighters. The firefighters are a mixture of replacing vacant retirement spots and additional firemen that are funded by local and state money. Eight new city firefighters all from Brockton are set to be hired Monday night at the meeting.
     This has been an exciting week in Brockton with Lt.Governor Murray in Town on Thursday to kick off new businesses and existing ones like Montillio's expanding. Bernardi Dealership will create 125 permanent jobs and Neighborhood Health Center recieved an 11.3 million dollar federal grant to add a 4 floor addition onto its urgent care center.
     With all the new business starting up the Council will also be addressing major business concerns with repairs to the downtown parking garage on Main Street and Crescent Street and Brockton 21st Corporation making small business loans available, along with Brockton Redevelopment Authority helping to rehabilitate and buy houses in the city.
    Funds for the projects will become available by revenues from the parking authority meter enforcement and a bond by the federal Community Development Block Grant. BrocktonBeat in the Business section is featuring new businesses that have opened downtown recently and later in the week will feature and article on 2 new businesses that opened on Main Street. The meeting starts at 8pm at Brockton City Hall in the Council Chambers.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


     The Annual Pancake Breakfast at the Brockton Public Library started at 8:30am and by 9:15 the tables were full of adults and children and the line for pancakes was growing by the minute. Volunteers dressed up as Winnie the Pooh and Tigger helped entertain the children. There was a raffle for a gift basket and a table full of gifts to buy. All this organized by the Brockton Public Library Foundation and the show of support was so strong that 2 rooms were full  and at one point they had to send one of the members to buy more orange juice.

     Mayor Balzotti could be seen in the room along with fellow Councilman Tom Monahan and Jass Stewart talking and laughing with their fellow Brocktonians and enjoying the great atmosphere provided by the dedicated members of the Foundation. So where else on a Saturday morning do you get to see families and friends come together and have all u-can-eat pancakes, sausage, bacon, juice,coffee and a priceless photograph of Councilman Monahan posing with Tigger. Mayor Balzotti and Councilman Stewart, BB will get you next year.


     We are pleased to announce to our readers your very own community calendar in our Community section. The calendar is free for all users and takes announcements up to one year in advance. Just go to our Community section and click on the calendar tab and our new calendar will pop up. Submit your announcements to and it should be up within one day. All announcements from birthdays to class reunions and yard sales will be accepted free of charge. This is just one of the many features that the BrocktonBeat will be offering our readers in the next coming weeks.

Friday, October 22, 2010


The Brockton Post--A 19 year-old Brockton man is expected in Brockton District Court this afternoon to face murder charges after Brockton Police and State Police detectives executed a search warrant to arrest the man in connection with a Nov. 2009 murder at Johnston Court. Bridget Norton-Middleton, spokeswoman for Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz, said in a prepared statement Esau Depina, 19, of Brockton today was charged with murder in the fatal shooting of Anthony Hamilton which occurred at Johnston Court Nov. 16 2009.
She said investigators served a murder warrant to Depina in a cell at Dedham House of Corrections where he is currently being held on bail for an unrelated case. For full story please see The Brockton Post.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


      Lieutenant  Governor Timothy Murray made three stops in Brockton today. His first stop was at a groundbreaking ceremony for Bernardi Brockton Car Dealership at 300 Manly Street at 10am. The project was helped by a $16 million recovery zone facility bond, issued to the company on the state's behalf by MassDevelopment and conventional financing.

          "The project will put people back to work as we focus on economic recovery in Massachusetts" said the Lt. Governor. Expecting to create construction jobs right away and more than 125 permanent jobs when their doors open. Mayor Balzotti was also in attendance at the ground breaking and said "Bernardi will not just add to our commercial tax base, but it will also bring needed new jobs to Brockton."

      The entourage of Senator Thomas P. Kennedy, Representatives Brady and Canavan, Mayor Balzotti and the Lt.Governor headed next to Montillio's Bakery Company at 134 Spark Street at 1pm to announce that the administration is doing all it can with assisting small businesses and aiming to strengthen them through programs that will aid in their sustainability and growth.

      The Lt. Governors final stop in Brockton was at the Brockton Neighborhood Health Center at 63 Main Street were he sat down with patients, the public and Mayor Balzotti, Representative's Canavan and Brady, State Senator Kennedy and the Director of the Health Center Sue Joss. In Round table fashion everyone introduced themselves and then the Lt. Governor was informed about the work and the services that are offered at the Health Center.
     The most exciting announcement was that of the 11.3 million dollar Federal grant that will be used to expand the urgent care center with a four floor addition. The Health Center is the second largest employer in Brockton, the first being the City and the Center serves more than 130,000 patients a year.

     The Urgent care center serves about 1000 patients a month and when the expansion is completed that number is expected to double.The Center also plans on expanding into mental health as well as expanding their dental because many patients have limited access to dental especially now that Masshealth no longer covers many services as of this past July that it use to cover. The expansion is expected to create construction jobs and when completed permanent jobs.


BrocktonPost BROCKTON— When several potential bidders for a company to complete an independent audit of water and sewer department meter reading and billing procedures meet with city officials Friday for a pre-bid question-and answer session, a review of the department’s so-called Enterprise account is a part of specifications, but not a priority for review.
“If there’s enough money—it depends on the bids--but our primary focus is on the main problem…we’re doing this because something is drastically wrong with our metering and billing system,” said Councilor-at-Large Thomas Brophy. For full story please see The Brockton Post.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


    Four companies as of 10-19 are considering submitting bids for the RFP water audit for the water billing problems at the Brockton water department. Those companies are Oconnor and Drew PC, PA Consulting Group, The Abrahams Group and Woddard and Curran.
     The Abraham Group have had dealings with Brockton in the past, on their website Brockton is listed and how they worked,
   "Developing End of Year Reporting Schedules for the Lowell, Framingham, Newton and Brockton Public Schools on the MUNIS and Pentamation software systems." 
     It was unclear on there site if this was the same MUNIS system that is currently being used by the water department. The other companies can be looked at by clicking on their link and reading their resumes.

Woddard and Curran on their site states,

"Water and Sewer Billing System End-to-End Audit

 City of Quincy, MA
 Woodard & Curran worked with the newly elected Mayor and new Department heads to repair a broken billing system. Issues from data collection rates and accuracy to billing and reporting where reviewed, discussed, and corrected as part of a quickly moving audit project. Daily modifications to staff protocols and methods were made collaboratively to focus on accuracy and timeliness without increasing labor effort. The project helped build a progressive Water and Sewer system for the City."

If any other companies submit or inquirer about the water audit, BrocktonBeat will get the information out as soon as possible. There will be a meeting this Friday at 11am at City Hall with the potential auditors and all are welcome to attend.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


     The Brockton Police Log has been updated to Monday, October 18, 2010. We are pleased to offer this to our readers in cooperation with The Brockton Post. We will be publishing the Brockton Police log each week and will aim to have it available by Wednesday of each week. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at and as always everyone is innocent until proven other wise in a court of law.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Photo courtesy of  The Brockton Post

BROCKTON—Among the estimated 11,000 people who lined up for hours at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston Saturday to hear President Barack Obama give a pep-talk in support of Gov. Deval Patrick’s reelection bid were a handful of Brockton teenagers who took part in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

“It was just amazing,” said Brockton High School Principal Susan Szachowicz during an interview with WXBR 1460 AM's Kevin Tocci this morning.

Photo courtesy of  The Brockton Post
She said last week Patrick’s campaign people contacted the school to be a part of Saturday afternoon’s rally because of the hype surrounding the high school’s success highlighted in a recent New York Times article and celebrated during a 40th anniversary for the school and its programs. For the full story please go to         The Brockton Post.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


     BrocktonBeat is proud to announce our new format and sections are starting to gain momentum. We welcome KW KING'S WEAR to our Business section and to our Spirit Life section you can read about Apostle Victor, a man dedicated to his community and to God 24/7. We hope you enjoy are new format and we will gladly take any suggestions from our readers because this is your site Brockton and we aim to be the best that we can be. If you have any idea's, stories, photo's or video's please get in touch with us at

Friday, October 15, 2010

Crescent Credit Union Participates in Anton’s Cleaners Coats For Kids Drive

Brockton, MA (October 13, 2010) – Crescent Credit Union is participating as a Corporate Partner in Anton’s Cleaners Coats for Kids winter-coat collection drive. Beginning Monday, October 18, Crescent will be collecting coats from members, neighbors, and employees at its 5 Brockton branches to assist Anton’s Cleaners in collecting good, quality coats – the kind someone would give a friend. The campaign will continue through January 8, 2011.

"Thanks to the generosity of our members, neighbors, and employees, Crescent Credit Union was able to collect over 500 coats in 2009," said Crescent Credit Union President & CEO Robert Gustafson.
 "With the current state of the economy and cold weather right around the corner, the need has never been greater. Our goal is to collect even more coats this year."
Once collected, coats will be delivered to Anton’s Cleaners for distribution. Following cleaning at no charge by Anton’s, Coats for Kids’ Distribution Partners such as Massachusetts Community Action Programs, Salvation Army, Cradles to Crayons, and Catholic Charities, amongst others, will ensure that coats get to those who cannot afford one during the cold weather months.

About Crescent Credit Union

Founded in 1919 on Crescent Street in Brockton, Crescent Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative providing better banking solutions to over 44,000 members. Anyone who lives or works in Plymouth, Bristol, Norfolk, or Barnstable counties can join Crescent Credit Union. For more information, please call 508-559-5400 or visit Crescent Credit Union.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


 Grossman vs Polito(photo courtesy of The Brockton Post)
BROCKTON—Candidates to fill the open State Treasurer’s seat have pledged not to accept a pension if elected Tuesday, Nov. 3, but there is little else they agree on.

“There’s a clear difference between us,” said Republican candidate Karyn Polito during a debate with her Democratic opponent Steve Grossman hosted by 1460 AM WXBR News Wednesday morning that is a part of a special election series called “Conversations with the Candidates,” and moderated by broadcaster Ron VanDam.

Candidates were asked questions by, WXBR News, and the Enterprise. For full story please go to THE BROCKTON POST.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


     The Brockton Police log is available and updated to October 12, 2010. The log will be published weekly as a joint-venture with the Brockton Post. The BrocktonBeat has recently looked at a couple of new publishing format's and has decided for the time-being to stay with its current form. We have updated the whole entire site and have added new features and sections for your convenience and for your entertainment. We will continue to strive to deliver to the residents of Brockton your one stop site for all news, events and happenings dedicated to Brockton Only. If you have any suggestions or ideas please feel free to contact us at .

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


      Today after 17 months without parking enforcement officers the city has four new part-time officers who will patrol more than 1000 spaces downtown and 18 municipal parking lots. The last time Brockton had Parking Meter patrols was in April of 2009 when they worked under the Brockton Police department and resigned in lieu of being laid off because of budget cuts. The new officers will work under the Brockton Parking Authority and work about 20 hours per week.

     "People would just park here all day" said an anonymous business owner who did not want to be identified. "I think its great, now it will hopefully free up space for people to come down and actually shop and find a place in front of my store open".
     The City Council during the summer session placed the Brockton Parking Authority in charge of parking enforcement. The police were issuing major ticket violations like parking in a handicapped zone but now the meter officers can target the areas from YMCA on Main Street to Pleasant Street, and Warren Avenue to Commercial Streets. There is a one-hour parking limit on Main Street and a two hour limit on American Legion Parkway and other streets have meters.

     Hopefully this will have a positive impact on the business district in Brockton. Freeing up spaces for people to come and shop downtown and use the services and also recoup any lost money from people who violate the parking laws. "Everyday I see the same car parking in the same place and I feel the city has finally listened to me about how this affects my store, now I will have a free space opened up at least every hour now". said the anonymous business owner. BrocktonBeat asked why they wanted to remain anonymous and they told us "I like free advertising but feel this is an issue that the city has finally addressed and want to see how it affects my business, plus I don't know who you are".
      Today enforcement starts and hopefully this will have a positive impact on downtown business and for now at least one more business owner knows who BrocktonBeat is but as far as parking in front of our business, the more the merrier.

Monday, October 11, 2010


(Photo courtesy of The Brockton Post)

BROCKTON—Past, present and future generations came together Friday night at Rocky Marciano Stadium to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Brockton High School and the Community Schools program—a birthday bash that featured the beloved Boxers football team pull out a 28-20 victory in front of hordes of alumni and current students who attended the fete.
“This is one of the most exciting nights with the most school spirit that I have seen,” said Brockton High senior and Class of 2011 President Greta Zukauskaite.
“It’s really great to see all of the alumni and all of the families and all of the students—the bleachers are full. It’s an amazing night,” she said. For full story please go to The Brockton Post.
Brockton High School also made Metro Boston news on Fox 25 as well as national news in the New York Times with proving wrong "small is better" rule. The last two years, Brockton outperformed 90 percent of high schools in Massachusetts. Both stories can be seen and read in full in our new Brockton MultiMedia section.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


     Mayor Balzotti kicked off the 40th anniversary celebration of Brockton High School with hundreds of Alumni and fans filling Marciano stadium tonight for the Boxers game against the Fitchburg Red Raiders. The celebration started at 5pm with an alumni tent with refreshments and food being served and historical pictures from the late 60s and early 70s that were being exhibited. Mayor Balzotti who graduated in 1979 from Brockton High School and also the first Female Mayor of Brockton addressed the crowd before the game and the celebration began. First with the Boxers winning over the Red Raiders 28 to 20 and then with the start of the year long celebration of the 40 years since the state of the art high school was opened in 1971. You can read about the win the Boxers had over the Raiders in our new sports section along with photo's of the game.

Friday, October 8, 2010


     This could be considered the first annual Family Resource Fair held at the Raymond Community School and sponsored by the Michele A. Logan Family Center. The Center is located within the Oscar F. Raymond Community School and named for the late Michele A. Logan, and dedicated in September of 1997. "After all these years this is what Michele stood for and what she did do for the community and she still lives on today out there in the people who are here tonight", said Linda Kenney Logan, who is an active member of the Center and close friend of Michele's and helped organize tonight's event.
     The Centers mission is to offer parents support and development to all members of the community, help build links for the community, a resource center for children and families and a place for people to access technology and to create a safe environment where children and families feel valued. The Center has a lending library, helpline, clothing bank, classes and programs, drop-in center, computers and fax machine access and sponsors events like tonight's fair.
     The event started at 6:30 p.m. and more than 19 representatives of community groups came and gave valuable information to Parents and their kids about the services that are available to them.The participants were served refreshments and pizza and also a had a chance to win two prizes thru a free raffle.
Community Groups

2 raffle prizes

Ms.Sepulveda of BNHC

     Participants were free to ask questions and obtain literature from the groups as well as other items that were given out by the groups such as toothbrushes from Small Smiles Dental, book bags and rulers from Brockton's Promise, started in 2003 by a group of concerned citizens, nonprofit organizations and community leaders. Brockton's Promise aims to provide all youth and families in Brockton with five basic resources which they call promises: Caring Adults, Safe Places, Healthy Start, Effective Education and Opportunities to help others. "There are over 375 resources in the city of Brockton and on our new website the residents of Brockton will be able gain access to them all in one place" according to Amanda Trask representing Brockton's Promise.
70 Westgate Dr. 508-588-8090

Brockton's Promise

Special Olympics

Girl Scouts
      Representatives from The Special Olympics and the Girl Scouts were informing parents and visitors of the opportunities for there children to join such great teams and promoting quality programs that help with self esteem and family building. Community groups involved in tonight's venue included the YMCA-Youth Branch, Old Colony Elder Services BAMSI, WIC, South Bay Mental Health, Costco, and Mary Kay.
     Representing Community and Advocacy groups were the Family and Community Resources. They are dedicated to serving individuals and families whose lives are impacted by trauma, including violence at home, school or in their community. Victim Advocate Dieja who helps victims of violence and has an office at the Brockton Police office was asked about the rise in domestic violence and answered "that the economy has played a part in the recent rise in the violence but is not the cause of domestic violence, we need to educate the children when they are young and keep the education in the forefront of our priorities to prevent it from happening."

     Plymouth County Children's Advocacy Center  were represented by Child Forensic Interviewer Christina Fitzgerald and LCSW Nicole Richardi. They offer a comprehensive approach to serving child victims and their non offending family members. The PCCAC is designed to make children feel comfortable when they are meeting with team members. They provide a team approach which can include, assistant DAs, police investigators, victim witness advocates, a specialized pediatric nurse and at times a child protection worker. The center also provides mental health referrals and specially trained child forensic interviewers who ask children about the abuse and have experienced team members observe on closed-circuit TV. Children between the ages of three and eighteen, who are victims of abuse or severe neglect receive services that are developmentally and culturally customized to meet each child's individual needs.

    South Bay Mental Health  offers early intervention programs for children three and up and are a community based center who reach out to children, adolescents, adults and seniors with mental health and counseling services. They provide Counselors, Social workers, Psychologists and Psychiatrists.
    Michele's work still continues and tonight the collaboration of Community and Advocacy groups came together for families and their children to provide everything that families need to become and stay strong emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Thanks to Michele and her Center for providing the residents of Brockton with the opportunity to come together in one place and learn whats available to them in our City of Champions. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


     There will be a resource fair at the Raymond Community School Thursday, October 7 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Exhibitors include The Home Modification Loan Program, Old Colony YMCA, Brockton Neighborhood Health Center, Small Smiles Dental, Girl Scouts, My Turn, Special Olympics, South Bay Early Intervention Program, Lincoln Tech, and many more.     
     Whether you are looking for health care, after school activities for kids, healthy kids programs, or just plain fun with your kids, there will be a group for you. Come for free information from at least 20 programs.
The resource fair is sponsored by the Michele A. Logan Family Center.
For more information contact Linda Kenney Logan at 508-588-4909 or 

The Raymond Community School
125 Oak Street
Brockton, Ma 02301


     The Brockton Police Log is available and is updated to Monday, October 4, 2010. The log will be posted every Tuesday and will contain the previous week from Tuesday to Monday. All suspects are innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law. The log is a service provided by The Brockton Post and BrocktonBeat is granted permission to provide a link to serve our mission of providing Brockton with the most information about what is happening in our neighborhoods so that we can be safe and look out for our neighbors. As always be safe and if you see any suspicious activities please call 911.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


      Senator John Kerry Monday, Oct. 4 announced two Massachusetts towns, Brockton and Malden, have received more than $1.5 million to help disabled Americans with affordable housing. Brockton and Malden will receive the housing assistance through 150 rental assistance vouchers which will help disabled individuals into safe, accessible housing through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Rental Assistance for Non-Elderly Persons with Disabilities Program. Brockton is expected to receive 100 vouchers in excess of $1 million. The Housing Authority in Brockton will be dispersing the vouchers.    
      “At a time when affordable housing is increasingly scarce, housing for the disabled is even more critical. This investment means independence and mobility for hundreds of Massachusetts citizens living with disabilities in Brockton and Malden. It means accessible homes that support their needs,” Kerry said in a released statement.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


     Saturday kicked off the 2nd annual Lebanese Food Festival in honor of Saint Theresa at the St Theresa Maronite Catholic Church. The air was filled with the smell of authentic Lebanese food and the people started to gather around 12pm and fill themselves on Grape Leaves, Falafels, Tabouli, Shish Kabobs and the all time favorite Baklava. Festivities will continue today from 12pm-2pm. Along with the food there are childrens games, raffles and childrens food such as hamburgers and snacks and beverages. All are welcome to experience the food Lebanese style and honor Saint Theresa at 343 North Main Street. Plenty of parking is available at the church parking lot.