Thursday, June 17, 2010


    This is the last of my 4 part series on immigration and coming to America. In Brockton we are a melting pot and that diversity can be a positive force. We can all learn from each other. In Brockton we have double and triple families and some you will see as many as thirty people living in those places. I will not report those places specifically but will inform you in this article how many illegals are abused by people and how they are caught up in a trap were if they talk they are dammed and if they don't they are dammed too.

    Some landlords will charge $100 a week per person and let 6 people live in a two bedroom apartment. If that building has three apartments the landlord can potentially get up to $8000.00 a month for a building that if legally they did it would receive $3000.00 a month. I can see were the temptation comes to make $50,0000 extra a year. The illegals are not going to say anything and the landlord is not going to say anything. The illegals are trapped in a housing situation that is much better than in their own country but with American standards is substantial and also against the law to have that many people in a building due to city codes but no one speaks up.

    A facility just outside the Brockton City limits is an infamous residential place that is constantly abusing their tenants and charging outrageous rents but if the illegals speak out they are out and if someone reports the landlord the illegals are out. No one reports it and the abuse keeps happening. Another injustice that happens to illegals is their employment. In many cases they are paid under the table and they are dominant in certain industries in the city of Brockton. If the illegals report they have no work and no money. The owners of these businesses when they are reported are very rarely investigated and if they are caught the fines are lenient and in many cases they go right back to hiring illegals. The city of Brockton has its share of illegals and has its share of people abusing them we can turn a blind eye and say someone else will protect them or report them but I am not going to do it. The illegal situation is only going to worsen if we don't have a new policy and fix for the problem. We can keep dancing around the subject but on both sides people are losing out. The legal aliens who are making the American dream come true and are getting a bad name from the illegals who are committing crimes and the illegal aliens who would love to be legal but cant or wont because if they report their situation they are deported or will loose their jobs and their homes.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


  I had the pleasure of meeting Claire Crowell yesterday because of a front page story I read in The Enterprise. Claire has a companion called Vixen her seeing eye dog. Claire and Vixen were denied access to a local restaurant in town due to the negligence of a ignorant worker. On Wednesday Claire and a friend along with Vixen decided to eat at the Chinatown restaurant after shopping. Dominic So a worker/manager said that "He cannot allow her dog in the restaurant  its against the board of health rules."according to Claire. They tried to explain to him that Federal law states that a companion dog is allowed in because that is her right according to the Americans with disabilities Act.

 Dominic So would not listen and according to Claire even threaten to call police if she did not leave. Claire said her friend told her this after they left and did not want to tell her because she could see how upset Claire  was. "I would of stayed their until the police came if I heard him say that." Claire said. Claire's husband even went to the restaurant to explain to him the law and even had the law on him to show him but Dominic didn't want to hear about it. Claire called the Brockton board of health and the Brockton Enterprise that day.

   After reading this story on Friday morning I called the restaurant and spoke with one of the co-owners Joyce Hayes and she was very apologetic and said "She just learned of the incident that same morning and was going to suspend the worker for one week and was going over to Claire's house to apologize." I was able to make it over to Claire's house just in time to meet Amy Littlefield from the Brockton Enterprise and also Channel Five for me to video Claire's story and also to hear about the apology from the Co-owner of the Chinatown restaurant.  Watch NO DOGS ALLOWED! SAY'S SO!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


     Once a person is allowed to enter America.  The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is the Department that oversees the process and makes sure that people abide by the rules of the terms of entrance into the country and that they obtain the necessary form to stay in the country or leave. This process is not lengthy and depending upon which country you are from and what you are coming for it is not a hard process.
Use Passport for Vacation to America
Apply for Visa for school or work
Apply for refugee status or politatcal asylum

    So if I live in England and want to visit Disneyland and have my papers from England, When I come to America, I state why I am here and for how long and I am allowed in the country if my papers are in order. The Immigration service is the watchdog of me for when I leave. America has agreements with many countries like Canada, England,Australia and many others that allows for smooth transitions of this process. Their website is

    So if I have my papers in order from the country I am a citizen in and apply for the appropriate forms in America then I can come here for Business or pleasure as long as I abide by the rules of those regulations. If I come over for a job or school then I need to get a visa card and that allows me to stay for a specific term or work period and if I abide by those rules then I can stay and leave when my visa expires. Many people while in America will get job offers and they can apply for a green card. If I work in America and my employer wants me to stay they can sponsor me and I can apply for a green card and then permanent residence which can take several years to become an unaturalized citizen of the U.S.

    People are granted Green Cards for many reasons. If I was a Doctor in another country and a major hospital wants me I can obtain a Green card. If I have a big business in another country and want to open a franchise in America I can get a Green card. There are over 20 reasons why a person can obtain a Green card once in America:

                                Afghan/Iraqi Translator
                                Panama Canal Employee
                                Religious Worker
                                Physician National interest Waiver

    People are granted Green Cards for Family reasons also, here are just a few that are listed. If I went to a foreign country and I married someone I can apply for their citizenship in the U.S. If I have a Green card in the U.S. and then become a citizen then my family members in my country under certain categories are given preference:

                                 Child/Parent/Spouse of a U.S. citizen
                                 Sibling of a U.S. citizen

    Green card through Refugee or Asylee Status is granted one year after your admittance to the U.S. from countries that were at war or from communist countries. People seek Refuge in America each year because their country is in turmoil or they are Politically against their country and in speaking out against become a political prisoner and will apply to America for residency.

    Many people once in America will not abide by the terms of their visa's and stay longer or indefinitely and they are doing this illegally. Many people stay in this country that way. Another way a person on a legal visa will marry a U.S. citizen and then they can obtain their own green card and permanent residence. This is often done for profit where people will pay up to $100,000 to an American Citizen just to marry but the Justice Department and Immigration is cracking down hard on these cases.

    In many of the cases I talked about above it takes money from your own country or a skill that costs alot of money such as a Doctor or Engineer to obtain a visa and Green card to come to America. The vast majority of people who come over the border do not have that money and that's why the Border has gotten out of control because that can be the quickest and easiest way to come to America by means of our southern border. Once in America people will stay and the vast majority want a better life for themselves and their families but with the violence on the border and with the anti-terrorism movement in the middle east it will become harder and harder for people to come to America because now we have people who want to BLOW UP AMERICA and for the vast majority of the people who want to live in America I am afraid that the tides have changed and America cant and wont take a chance of another 9/11 happening again.

    The next part I will talk about when illegal immigrants are taken advantage of American citizens who profit from them being in this country illegally. Everything from housing, employment and the sex trade industry. We are now going to see the viscous and very sad side of this story up front and without exposing illegals that go thru hell now just living in this country because they are dammed if they speak up and they are dammed if they dont.






Monday, June 7, 2010


    The Arizona law S.B. 1070 enacted in May of this year gives police in Arizona the right  in a lawful stop such as a car being pulled over for running a light, the right to ask any person of any ethnic background if they have legal papers for being in this country. People say this will lead to racial profiling and that police will target certain groups but the law is already in effect at the federal level. The Arizona bill would also make it a crime to be in this country illegally as in the  Federal law does. Arizona Governor. Jan Brewer signed the law that mirrors the Federal statutes that are already in place but because the Federal government is not supporting  Arizona with more Border patrol police and detention centers they are forcing the hand of the Governor to make it a state law and state crime.

Federal law states that to "Attempt to verify the legal status of such persons as a citizen of the United States, an alien lawfully admitted as a permanent resident, an alien lawfully admitted for a temporary period of time or as an alien who is present in the United States in violation of immigration laws. The verification process may include, but shall not be limited to, questioning the person regarding his or her date and place of birth, and entry into the United States, and demanding documentation to indicate his or her legal status."

    The law just reinforces what is placed in the Federal level but makes it a state matter and places it in the hands of the police. Brockton doesn't have the problem that Arizona has on the border and what the Governor has done was to give the police the authority to enforce the law at the state level. I do not believe this is a state issue but should be left at the Federal level but the Federal Government is not doing any thing about it. Arizona is having a war border with illegal drug smuggling and major crimes committed along the border towns that would resemble something that look like whats happening in Iraq.

    I believe the Governor had no other choice because  President Obama has done nothing about this issue but just sit on the border. If the President read his own Federal law he would realize that Arizona is just enforcing Federal law. I believe this is too much for the state police to take on as they already have their hands full but it is funny now that is has drawn attention to the problem, President Obama pledged to send 1,200 National Guard troops to the southern border. He is putting a band aid on the problem down their and the Arizona people who live there know it and it is funny the President was so critical of the law decides to send troops to the border because he knows that the Governor of Arizona is right. The Federal government forced her hand and now she forced theirs.

    If Brockton which has a high drug and gang related crime that effects our public safety enacted such a law or had the police act on federal law, would it help our problems. Absolutely not! We are not a border state and we don't have the problems as bad as the border towns of Arizona. We would be taking away vital resources in our city just to fight illegal immigration and our problems would become more crime and lesser response times to real time crimes because police are being held up detaining and questioning people about their immigration status and that's the real problem now in Arizona, it will take police away from doing their real jobs and President Obama knows the Federal Government has dropped the ball with this issue.

    I asked if I would come over the border from Mexico to come to America and I say yes I would. The next part of the series is how one comes to America and what it takes legally to come here. I will also look into the actual statistics of how many people come over illegally each year and how that has effected public safety. I agree with the general concept of the law but not at the state level. We in our city have many people from many lands and I ask myself, would I turn in someone who is illegal. It is a crime to harbor an illegal alien and if I knew someone in this country would I turn them in. It is against the law and it is a crime to be in this country. If I knew someone who was in this country illegally trying to make a better life for themselves and their families and honestly working and abiding by all the other laws, I would not.
    I hope we can have an amnesty program and help the good and honest illegal aliens here in this country right now. Support a strong immigration law and build a wall and send thousands of more border patrols down to the south. The people who make it bad for this country such as the drug smugglers need to be stopped and the illegal aliens that have supported America and want to do well need an Amnesty program and once and for all lets address this issue with insight from all sides and move forward because I would too come to America.






Thursday, June 3, 2010


    This is an issue I have struggled with for a couple of years now and I have tried to view it from every single angle and immigration and illegal immigration is a controversial topic right now especially because of what is happening in Arizona. I say you would too because if I lived in a country with no running water and unemployment rates as high as 40% and high poverty rates and little or no chance of bettering myself, you bet my ass, I am coming to America.

    In this blog or series of blogs I will explore what is happening in Arizona, What it takes to successfully come and live in America and take a look at that process and I will look at the true statistics of how many people come to America illegally and how that effects the economy.I will also look into recent laws being submitted to congress and try to interview local politicians to get their view on solutions to immigration and illegal immigration.

    I have lived in Brockton for 2 years and we have a multicultural diverse city. We probably have every country in the World living in Brockton and I choose to look at that as an enrichment and learning experience and this can make our city stronger. I have had the pleasure of meeting a man from South Africa and he told me about his experience growing up and experiencing Apartheid and the Soweto slums. He told me about how he works two jobs now and his wife works and they have put both boys in college. This I did not see on TV or read in a magazine,  I was truly experiencing living World history.

    I was taking a cab and the gentleman was speaking and I could hear that he had a Russian accent and how in Russia he was a criminal defense attorney but for him to practice here he would have to start all over. He is driving a cab now. I don't think he knows it yet but I think he will be a lawyer again. When the earthquake hit Haiti I was walking down East Ashland Street and I saw this man walking and crying.I ask can I help you and tears running down his cheeks he said his sons and daughters are in the capital and he cant get in touch with them. I hugged him and said nothing and walked away. We are humans living on a planet that spins round and round and We need to open this dialogue up and maybe it is that simple, I don't know but we have to start now. I do know this for a fact that if my grandfather did not come to America in the 1920s that I would not be here right now in Brockton and if I did live in a place where I could not have a better life I WOULD TOO, COME TO AMERICA.
This is part one of: You would too.