Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Santa Please Send Me A Bed For Christmas

"Sleep is a luxury" says Brockton Police officer Rosie Browne who has been on the Brockton Police force for more than seven years. She juggles being a full time mom, Brockton Police officer and heading an outreach program that she started 10 years ago called Project Guardian Angel. A program that collects toys and other items for families in need during the Christmas season.

Originally from the Bronx she moved to Brockton when she was a young child and remembers the days when she had to share a bed with her siblings and staying inside the place where her she grew up in the Bronx because of all the crime and trouble that was happening outside on her front doorsteps.

Moving to Brockton she excelled and joined the Brockton Police Department. She also started and manages the the organization Project Guardian Angel that she started 10 years ago and has the help of fellow officers in providing toys and much needed living items to families in need during Christmas. "Once your a Guardian Angel your in for life" says Rosie after dropping her kids off to school and giving a ride to a friend to the airport and then off to collect toys and other items for Brockton families. "Sleep is a luxury, I don't have time for it."

This year has been especially hard on families, not only children are wishing for toys but for beds. "We have families that are in need of twin beds because they have 3 kids sleeping in one bed."
Rosie's Angels are out trying to find beds and Mattress Makers on North Montello Street is willing to give a steep discount for 4 twin mattresses, 4 box springs and the metal frame for $600.

This day Rosie was picking up toys at the Walgreen's on North Montello Street and being thankful for living in Brockton and being able to give something back in terms of public safety and on a deeper level of helping families maintain hope during trying times. If you are able to help in any way with Project Guardian Angel or help with the twin beds please contact Rosie Browne at 508-897-5295. Toys, money and especially the beds are in great need this year.

Friday, December 2, 2011

10th Annual Project Guardian Angels

Witnesses Support Car Lunge Threat In Constable's School Gun Draw Charges


BROCKTON—All a South Shore constable, his constable father, school officials, witnesses and a dead-beat dad the two well-known constables arrested in the parking lot of Brockton's Trinity Catholic Academy can do is wait for a clerk magistrate’s decision on whether or not pulling out a gun during the arrest should be a criminal offense.
During a probable cause hearing in Brockton District Court Thursday afternoon, Philip McCue, a Plymouth District Court magistrate, after about 90 minutes of testimony from Trinity Catholic School officials—including Principal Cynthia Dunn-McNally and Ward 5 City Councilor Dennis DeNapoli—said his decision would be based on whether the gun draw by constable Adam Loomis was an assault with a dangerous weapon and endangered the two children of the arrested father. Please see for full story.


The Brockton Police Log has been updated. Please click on link to read.