Monday, May 31, 2010


    I am 43 and never served in the armed services. I remember what I was taught about WWI and WWII. I remember my father telling me about his time serving in the 82nd Airborne division at Fort Bragg,NC and that the Korean War was at a truce and he didn't have to go over. I remember my brother-in-law serving in the National Guard in the early 70s and remember he look afraid at times and I could feel the tension around the Vietnam Era.

    I was in college for the Persian gulf war and remembering my history professor telling us that the Iraqi Guard is strong and this is even scaring him and then it seem it was over before it started. 9/11 came and that's when I remember everything and it hasn't stop. I am playing a video about the 1000th soldier killed in action and a little ashamed about playing it. I feel for the family that he will be remembered as number 1000. The war has turned Human beings into numbers. What about number 5 or 25. How dare they make them numbers yet I am ashamed that I am calling him number 1000.

   I have thanked veterans for serving their country and have even thanked families that have loved ones that have and still serve. I believe in our American Soldier and I believe in their Honor. I believe we owe them at least that no matter how we feel about the war. I believe in Jacob C.Leicht from Texas. Jacob birthday is July 4 and is 24. He served his first tour of duty in 2007 and his Humvee drove over an explosion and he broke his leg. Thank you and your family Marine Cpl Jacob C. Leicht the 1000th soldier killed in Action in Afghanistan.

Thank you Brockton Veterans and your families for serving and protecting me and my family

1000th Soldier killed in Action.Click to Play.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


    Masshealth sent out letters to Brockton area recipient's about 2 weeks ago stating that changes will occur on July 1st this year that they will only cover:
        Exams and X-rays
        Removing Teeth
        Emergency Care(which means to remove a tooth and not save it)
        Some oral surgery, such as biopsies and soft tissue surgery-the biopsies for cancer

    This means that, effective July 1st 2010, Masshealth will NO LONGER pay for the following services:
        Restorative (fillings)
        Endodontic (root canal)
        Periodontic (deep scaling)
        Dentures(full,partial, or repair)-This seems like cruel and unusual punishment.
        Surgical procedures related to full or partial dentures.
    I have called and have been told that the budget has not passed as of this writing and that the funding for masshealth in this area will hopefully be increased so that these services remain in effect. If the budget passes and no changes take place then these services will stop for all members 21 and older. As a 43 year old male I know how much root canal and crowns and dentures cost.
    Massachusetts which has prided itself on universal health care and health care for all has dropped the ball on this one if it goes thru. I urge everyone to call their local state representatives and state senators. I have listed their names and click on their link and it will give you their numbers and emails. Massachusetts has the money for these services and needs to appropriate these funds. This is a basic health care right of all individuals to obtain Dental health. Studies reveal just how much Dental hygiene plays in our overall health and down the road Masshealth will be paying a much higher price in diseases caused by poor Dental care because funding has been denied for preventative care. Also many members were not given enough notice that this was happening. I urge all to call
your State Reps and your State Senator now before all of Brockton looses there teeth. Instead of Condoms and needles on the streets were going to be picking up teeth.


As I am still awake at 6:53  in the morning and haven't slept yet it occurred to me during the night that I have been blessed. I have had demons and gorilla's on my back and now I have them about a mile behind me now but still following me. I am not safe and I am not far enough away from them. If I slow down they might catch up or they might decide to run faster toward me. Heroin, Oxycontin's,percocets we all have heard about them and many of us have been affected by them in close and personal ways. This forum is also to address the drug problem in Brockton and work with the Mayors council on getting Narcan available to family members of loved ones addicted to opiates and to anyone who might come across a person who has overdosed. You may save their life. I have provided links and information about this program and it is a revolutionary program in the U.S that allows people to carry this emergency medicine that comes is a nasal spray form and can be administered to an overdosed person with 2 sprays in their nostrils. I encourage everyone to get involved in this program especially if you have a loved one that is addicted to opiates. Their is no charge for this program and it takes less than 2 hours for the training and use of it. I carry it with me at all times. This is not a needle or an injection. As you can see from the picture it attaches to the tube and the white end part is where the tip is placed into the nostril just a little and one spray and then wait and then another spray in the other nostril if still unresponsive. This is all included in the training so I will not go to much into it here. It is approved and legal to carry by Massachusetts state law.


I was walking on Montello Street 2 years ago and I couldn't believe my eyes. This truck was and still is just sitting in the parking lot of an abandoned building. I don't remember when Bradlees went out of business but couldn't help think about the commercial with Mrs. B  in them. I know I am dating myself but in this city lays an icon and a store that millions of people back in the 70s and 80s shopped at. I wonder how much this trailer would auction on Ebay for?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Welcome to the Brockton Beat

This is a new forum for Brockton. We will have news and issues that relate to the community at large and also help with getting the latest information about social, economic, political and information for getting help in these hard economic times. We will list our politicians in the area, our community resources for food and financial help. How we can make our community safer and how we can do our part in this great City of Champions.
We will be listing job opportunities, housing and food resources and providing information on the vast resources of help that exists in Brockton. Our forum will also be a site for providing information on events and entertainment. As we grow in the next couple of weeks we will evolve into a one stop place to obtain any information about Brockton current and past. Our news at times might be controversial but with substantiated truth. This is the Brockton Beat and we are here to stay.