Saturday, May 29, 2010


As I am still awake at 6:53  in the morning and haven't slept yet it occurred to me during the night that I have been blessed. I have had demons and gorilla's on my back and now I have them about a mile behind me now but still following me. I am not safe and I am not far enough away from them. If I slow down they might catch up or they might decide to run faster toward me. Heroin, Oxycontin's,percocets we all have heard about them and many of us have been affected by them in close and personal ways. This forum is also to address the drug problem in Brockton and work with the Mayors council on getting Narcan available to family members of loved ones addicted to opiates and to anyone who might come across a person who has overdosed. You may save their life. I have provided links and information about this program and it is a revolutionary program in the U.S that allows people to carry this emergency medicine that comes is a nasal spray form and can be administered to an overdosed person with 2 sprays in their nostrils. I encourage everyone to get involved in this program especially if you have a loved one that is addicted to opiates. Their is no charge for this program and it takes less than 2 hours for the training and use of it. I carry it with me at all times. This is not a needle or an injection. As you can see from the picture it attaches to the tube and the white end part is where the tip is placed into the nostril just a little and one spray and then wait and then another spray in the other nostril if still unresponsive. This is all included in the training so I will not go to much into it here. It is approved and legal to carry by Massachusetts state law.