Monday, May 31, 2010


    I am 43 and never served in the armed services. I remember what I was taught about WWI and WWII. I remember my father telling me about his time serving in the 82nd Airborne division at Fort Bragg,NC and that the Korean War was at a truce and he didn't have to go over. I remember my brother-in-law serving in the National Guard in the early 70s and remember he look afraid at times and I could feel the tension around the Vietnam Era.

    I was in college for the Persian gulf war and remembering my history professor telling us that the Iraqi Guard is strong and this is even scaring him and then it seem it was over before it started. 9/11 came and that's when I remember everything and it hasn't stop. I am playing a video about the 1000th soldier killed in action and a little ashamed about playing it. I feel for the family that he will be remembered as number 1000. The war has turned Human beings into numbers. What about number 5 or 25. How dare they make them numbers yet I am ashamed that I am calling him number 1000.

   I have thanked veterans for serving their country and have even thanked families that have loved ones that have and still serve. I believe in our American Soldier and I believe in their Honor. I believe we owe them at least that no matter how we feel about the war. I believe in Jacob C.Leicht from Texas. Jacob birthday is July 4 and is 24. He served his first tour of duty in 2007 and his Humvee drove over an explosion and he broke his leg. Thank you and your family Marine Cpl Jacob C. Leicht the 1000th soldier killed in Action in Afghanistan.

Thank you Brockton Veterans and your families for serving and protecting me and my family