Saturday, February 14, 2015

Comcasts saving money at the costs of the disabled and elderly.

My name is Robert Morano and I have been involved in Community Activism in Brockton and South Shore since 2008 with my website and my twitter and facebook followers.

Recently my 84 year old landlady didn't have phone service from Comcast because the electricity went out. One year ago even if the electricity went out she still would have phone service because they use to supply the battery with the unit that would allow backup for a couple of hours but a recent ruling by the FCC made so that they don't have to give the batteries with the modem even though they charge around $8 a month for the modem.

I do believe that this is a public safety issues for seniors, disabled and for people with limited sight because it can be hard for certain populations to use cell phones because they can be confusing and also if you shake its hard to hit the right buttons.

They will sell you the batteries for an additional $35 dollars but you have to ask for them. I believe that for the sake of the elderly, disabled and others on limited income that use a landline that with todays technology that these batteries mandatorily have to be supplied to certain populations.

If anyone has had any issues or safety problems because of this please let me know. Thank You.

Robert Morano