Friday, October 11, 2013

Lets Help a Fellow Brocktonian Fight Crime Online.

I read about Frank Kelly of Brockton, Ma in the Enterprise this morning an article by Maria Papadopoulos.
He tweets crime and news constantly on his Twitter site @Brockton24_7. He is one of the unsung heroes that helps fight crime in his own way and his over 2000 followers including media like my site and others use his vital information.

Frank helps fight crime in the best way he knows how by listening to the police scanners all day and it seems night long. Please read the Enterprise Story by Maria Papadopoulos. 

According to the article Frank stopped tweeting on October 1st because he spilled coffee on his computer. Frank is a true crime fighter and I would like to help by raising money on
With His followers on Twitter and if we all just donate 5 dollars we can have him up and running and giving us vital information in no time.
Please click her for GoFundMe and if you are a follower please donate a few bucks and lets get Frank back online. I miss him!