Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The BrocktonPost

BROCKTON--The Brockton Fire Department is asking residents for help--before Oct. 31.
They're not asking for money or increased taxes, just head to Liberty Mutual Insurance's website and help the department win a contest for a $10,000 grant toward programs and services.
"We encourage all residents and their families to take this time to learn and become more safety conscious in their daily lives," said Fire Lt. Joseph DePasquale in an email. "This grant will be used to help the Fire Department continue its efforts to make Brockton a safer place to live," he said.
The contest ends Sunday Oct. 31.
All residents have to do is go to and take a simple 10-question quiz.
We at BrocktonPost took the quiz and we finished in less than 2 minutes. Questions were multiple choice or true and false. Answers offer fire safety basics and facts.
Don't wait--visit
(Photo courtesy Liberty Mutual Insurance)
This story was used with the permission of The Brockton Post.
We also at BrocktonBeat took the quiz and finished in less than 2 minutes.