Wednesday, January 5, 2011


BROCKTON—Thousands of Brockton residents have received notices in their quarterly water and sewer tax bills that demand owners pay their overdue bills or face liens on their property taxes, even if those bills are being disputed amidst a controversy surrounding the water department’s flawed metering and billing systems.
Many residents are incensed the city would make the move which they called another betrayal of promises made by public officials when it became clear the water and sewer department’s metering and billing systems had gone haywire.
“I have it on video—they said no one was going to get a lien, no one was going to lose their house and then they do this,” said Marianne Silva, one of about 6,500 water and sewer users in the city who received the lien threats with their first quarter bills Monday.
“They didn’t stick to what they said, but why should I be surprised—they haven’t through the whole thing,” Silva said. (For full article and quote's from the Mayor and Councilor DuBois please see The Brockton Post)