Monday, March 20, 2017


Recently my landlady needed to get the 2nd floor apartment remodeled. We live in a three family that was built in 1880.  I was hoping when the walls came down we might find some gold or silver coins but no cigar. Who do you call for such a job and where do you start. Most people get a referral from a friend. We got a referral for Beantown Builders based out of Brockton. I was happy we were using a Brockton based company but they also serve other communities.

Donald Donaldson came to us and was professional and gave us an estimate within the budget. The crew started in September and they were also very professional and answered all questions and usually you here crews swearing and yelling and loud music. None of that, I never seen a crew work so hard with determination and such detail.

We had the whole second floor apartment remodeled from complete tear down of walls and ceilings to changing all the plumbing lines and electrical. Every step of the way we could see the transformation and today we have a modern apartment in Brockton thanks to Beantown Builders. Save yourself a headache and call them at 617-291-8501 or