Thursday, May 18, 2017


District Attorney Timothy Cruz has been leading the way for a consolidated building for his staff and the State police since he came into office. Now it's a reality. The Carpenter administration, along with Cruz, Representative's Dubois, Cronin, Brady and the Baker administration has made this come together.

The State approved $2 million for the building and the building will house more than a dozen State Police personnel from detectives to patrol officers. The District Attorney's office which was currently in four different buildings will bring together 100 of their personnel 166 Main Street which is right across from Brockton District Court.

Crime is down in Brockton and now with a building that will  house the DA office and the State Police in one place will help with faster processing of information and save time for State detective to drive from the various barracks they were stationed in and be at one place and  shortening response time for State detectives to crime scenes and ultimately have an impact on crime and also the economic factor of over 100 people working in one building and using local business services close by.

The perception of seeing police going into a building downtown and having that will hopefully allieve some fears for local businesses and people doing shopping downtown.

This is another win for Baker administration, our local representatives, DA Cruz and the Carpenter administration.