Sunday, September 6, 2015


Looking back when then candidate Bill Carpenter unveiled his 10 point plan, not only has he done everything on his plan but more. We have the latest in fingerprint technology that will allow BPD to get the drug dealers when they give fake names and in seconds we will know if a person is wanted. We have Motorcycles patrols and foot patrols. We have New Police Cadets graduating with another 13 entering into the new class.

In the last few months we have used guerrilla tactics to take down heavy drug dealers and gun runners. We are using the latest in technology with camera's and the new shot spotter. Overall crime is down and we have along way to go but for this Mayor to implement everything he said he would and more and in 18 months this is a great start for Brockton. No other candidate can claim this at all. Tagger can try to frighten us all but it will not work and peace marchers are all great but the real test is respecting the law and when the FBI,ATF,ICE,BPD, Chief and Mayor were all present for a crime meeting and Jacob Tagger made an outburst and yelled" This is a dog and pony show", I know that this type of behavior is indicative of someone who lacks respect for authority and also shows compulsive actions that leads me to believe he would be incapable of developing the relationships we will need with other law departments to make even greater gains in public safety.

BROCKTON -- Mayoral candidate Bill Carpenter unveiled his 10-point "Brockton Fights Back" crime-fighting plan to restore safe neighborhoods to the City of Brockton, today telling beleaguered Brockton residents that, "Help is on the way."
"The City of Brockton is at a crossroads. We will either roll over and let the criminals take control of our city or we will fight back. I choose to fight back!" said Carpenter. "We will take back our neighborhoods, block by block."
At the heart of the Carpenter 10-point plan is the following:
1. Relentless Pursuit: We will relentlessly, aggressively pursue, remove and prosecute every gang member, thug, pimp and drug dealer in the City of Brockton.
2. Saturated Enforcement: Increase police presence using motorcycle patrols and deploy traffic units to conduct motor vehicle stops in high gang/high crime areas. Utilize every available resource to take back control of the city.
3. Counter-Insurgency Techniques: Adopt counter-insurgency tactics, similar to those used by the U.S. Military in Iraq, to identify and remove urban terrorists from our neighborhoods.
4. Community Police: Every Brockton Police Officer will be a Community Police Officer, working within the community to establish a partnership with the residents of Brockton to fight crime in every neighborhood.
5. Community Involvement: Establish a Street Leader Program, Neighborhood Walks, and distribute materials to residents in multiple languages. Re-launch and promote a “Text a Tip” program, for anonymous reporting of information to police.
6. Police Hiring Plan: Create an aggressive hiring plan to increase the size of the Brockton PD. Proactive Policing will require more “boots on the ground”.
7. Quality of Life: Utilize City Ordinances to conduct Quality of Life Enforcement Campaigns in target neighborhoods. Enforce Loitering, Public Drinking, and Noise Ordinances. Apply the City’s Nuisance Ordinance to remove graffiti, junk vehicles and secure and clean up abandoned homes.
8. Drug Court: Work with State and County leaders to establish a Plymouth County Drug Court in Brockton. 90% of property crime is committed by people stealing to support a drug/alcohol addiction.
9. Community Forums/Programs: Establish regular community forums, meet with civic associations, faith-based groups and newly organized neighborhood associations. Develop & expand community based programs geared toward young people at risk.
10. G.R.E.A.T Program: Re-implement the G.R.E.A.T Program (Gang Resistance Education & Training) in the Brockton Public Schools as the first step in implementing anti-gang and anti-drug curriculum into our Middle and Elementary schools.
Carpenter also announced on Thursday that former Boston Police Deputy Superintendent Robert Hayden, has joined the campaign as his Special Advisor on Public Safety. Hayden is credited with creating Boston's first city-wide anti-crime gang unit. Hayden is also the former police chief in the City of Lawrence. He also served as Under-Secretary of Public Safety within the administration of the late Governor Paul Cellucci.
"The essence of any successful crime plan is to be relentless," said Hayden. "It is relentless pressure on criminals 24/7. We do that by using every available resource to take control back of the city. You send the message to the criminal element that their actions will not be tolerated and they will be arrested and relocated to a jail cell."
While all the candidates for mayor in Brockton support putting more police officers on the street, Carpenter believes he is the only candidate who has put forth a financial plan to fund the additional boots on the ground.
"I will aggressively develop our water, sewer and electricity resources to generate the revenue necessary to provide real property tax relief and put 50 more police officers on Brockton’s streets." said Carpenter. "The Brockton Police Department is drastically understaffed and there has been no attempt by the Balzotti administration in the past four years to put more officers on the streets.”