Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mayoral Candidates 2013 Contributions Raised.

These are the amounts raised this year by the 4 mayoral Brockton candidates as of August 31, 2013. William Carpenter was the candidate with the most money raised with $38,772.74 with Incumbent Mayor Balzotti raising $21,270.00.   
Chris Macmillian came in third with $10,131.06 and Ron Matta raised $3,160.00

Bill Carpenter raised $38,772.74 this year with starting balance 
of $1,305.24 

Linda Balzotti raised $21,270.00 with starting balance of 

Chris MacMillian raised $10,131.06 with starting balance of 0. 

Ron Matta raised $3,160.00 with starting balance of $442.04 

For more information on the candidates financials please visit the link below for the Office of Campaign and Political Finance. 

Source: http://ocpf.cloudapp.net/Filers/Index