Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Carpenter and Balzotti in November

It will be William Carpenter and Incumbent Mayor Balzotti this November for Brockton's Mayoral race. Carpenter got 3035 votes, while Balzotti gathered 3853.  Chris Macmillian recieved 1355 while Ron Matta got 455 votes.

It will be a close vote and Carpenter will need the voters from Macmillian and Matta's campaign if he is to win over Balzotti in November. This begs to ask are Anti-power plant opponents from the Macmillian and Matta camp ready to come over to the Carpenter camp. Neither candidate have endorsed anyone for mayor yet and with a turnout of just under 20% it will be unlikely to see a higher turn out in November with the average on a non-presidential  election year Brockton rarely ever turns out even 15%.

So in the next couple of weeks we will see what strategy Carpenter will use to gain the votes he needs to win over a strong Balzotti camp.