Friday, June 10, 2011


Brockton Deals and Coupon site-For starter’s we are here to help your business not take your money and run like the other coupon programs that are out there today. When someone redeems our coupon they are paying you not us, and we don’t take any percentage of the transaction. This is a great way to bring more business through your door and has been proven time and time again. Our Secret to success is the fact that everyone we send coupons too has opted in to our service either via text message or email. We don’t make your business sign any contracts as we work on a pay as you go system. We will charge your business a very small fee to send out a deal or coupon and that is the only time you pay. If you choose to send another coupon you will pay that small fee again. We want you to succeed. Consider sending a deal or coupon as a very small price to pay for advertising. Our subscribers all live in the area and get our deals and coupons when ever they are sent. When you choose to send out a coupon there are no more worries about how much you are going to lose, because we don’t charge astronomical fee’s or take a percentage of what you bring in. You send a coupon and enjoy the benefits of reaching local residents that are more than happy to come see what your business has to offer.
This Program is run by Flipit4u Marketing which is a local business in Brockton MA, operated by Chris Picanzo. Anyone that joins this program can be assured that their number will not be shared with any outside networks, clubs, affiliates, associations not anyone but Flipit4u. Having this trust is key to making the program work. I know how important your phone number is to you and most people don’t like to share it with anyone they don’t know. This program was designed to boost the local business economy and help us residents in the area save money at the same time.
This is all very new and will take some time to establish but be confident that we will have a great program that you will enjoy. You will get a text once in a while in the beginning and as more people participate the more we can send out great coupons to use. So Please share this info with everyone you know! Everyone loves to save money so pass on the savings and tell them about the program.

Subscriber by texting the word “Brockton” to 35819

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