Tuesday, July 6, 2010


    We are living in tough economic times and Brockton has always taken the full force of a recession. Most of the downtown business are small shops and employ very few workers, while other companies in Brockton employ hundreds such as Stop and Shop and Kmart and a few others. Many Cities in the Nation have adopted Living wage ordinances that allow for a living wage and not minimum wage which can barely support a dog to live on. A living wage is an hourly wage set specifically for one that allows for a certain standard of living. One that would support a rent, food, clothes for a single person. Most people in Brockton do not make enough for one person to pay a months rent and also have the necessities of life.

    A living wage ordinance would include any business that has a contract with the City of Brockton and any Business that has more than 15 employees would have to pay a living wage of at least $12.00 per hour if they want to do business in Brockton. Many people are against this and say this will cost the City more money in the long run and scare off many business's from coming to Brockton. Brockton needs its councilors and Mayor to stand up for the people of Brockton who work everyday and work for minimum wage and cant pay their rent. The Universal Living Wage Campaign at http://www.universallivingwage.org/
is a grassroots campaign that has information regarding Living Wage and the cities in America that have adopted them and how it has had a positive impact on the economy. I would invite all to call the Mayor and their City Councilors and asked about a Living Wage.