Thursday, June 3, 2010


    This is an issue I have struggled with for a couple of years now and I have tried to view it from every single angle and immigration and illegal immigration is a controversial topic right now especially because of what is happening in Arizona. I say you would too because if I lived in a country with no running water and unemployment rates as high as 40% and high poverty rates and little or no chance of bettering myself, you bet my ass, I am coming to America.

    In this blog or series of blogs I will explore what is happening in Arizona, What it takes to successfully come and live in America and take a look at that process and I will look at the true statistics of how many people come to America illegally and how that effects the economy.I will also look into recent laws being submitted to congress and try to interview local politicians to get their view on solutions to immigration and illegal immigration.

    I have lived in Brockton for 2 years and we have a multicultural diverse city. We probably have every country in the World living in Brockton and I choose to look at that as an enrichment and learning experience and this can make our city stronger. I have had the pleasure of meeting a man from South Africa and he told me about his experience growing up and experiencing Apartheid and the Soweto slums. He told me about how he works two jobs now and his wife works and they have put both boys in college. This I did not see on TV or read in a magazine,  I was truly experiencing living World history.

    I was taking a cab and the gentleman was speaking and I could hear that he had a Russian accent and how in Russia he was a criminal defense attorney but for him to practice here he would have to start all over. He is driving a cab now. I don't think he knows it yet but I think he will be a lawyer again. When the earthquake hit Haiti I was walking down East Ashland Street and I saw this man walking and crying.I ask can I help you and tears running down his cheeks he said his sons and daughters are in the capital and he cant get in touch with them. I hugged him and said nothing and walked away. We are humans living on a planet that spins round and round and We need to open this dialogue up and maybe it is that simple, I don't know but we have to start now. I do know this for a fact that if my grandfather did not come to America in the 1920s that I would not be here right now in Brockton and if I did live in a place where I could not have a better life I WOULD TOO, COME TO AMERICA.
This is part one of: You would too.