Wednesday, April 20, 2011


BROCKTONDEALSANDCOUPONS.COM-This program is powered by the people. I strongly believe we can help the economy and save money at the same time. Bringing more business to local area merchants and using money saving coupons to get the best deals around. This program will work best when we have a large subscriber list. You become a subscriber by texting the word “Brockton” to


If you haven’t already please “Like” our Facebook page and help spread the word at
This Program is run by Flipit4u Marketing which is a local business in Brockton MA, operated by Chris Picanzo. Anyone that joins this program can be assured that their number will not be shared with any outside networks, clubs, affiliates, associations not anyone but Flipit4u. Having this trust is key to making the program work. I know how important your phone number is to you and most people don’t like to share it with anyone they don’t know. This program was designed to boost the local business economy and help us residents in the area save money at the same time.
This is all very new and will take some time to establish but be confident that we will have a great program that you will enjoy. You will get a text once in a while in the beginning and as more people participate the more we can send out great coupons to use. So Please share this info with everyone you know! Everyone loves to save money so pass on the savings and tell them about the program.

BrocktonBeat welcomes this new program to Brockton and take advantage to what Mr.Picanzo wants to do for the city. This is a great oppurtunity for the consumers and for business's. Welcome Brockton Deals and Coupons.