Monday, February 21, 2011


Times are tough for everyone these days especially on unwanted animals. Some may be a bit older and actually that can be advantage if they were trained properly. Some my have need just a little time to adjust to their surroundings but I am sure after awhile they will be calling your home theirs too. Animals help us in many ways and they say(who are they) that animals are therapeutic and can add years on to ones life, that's assuming you want to live. We have always showcased the animals at the local shelter and hope you find it in your heart and home and budget to possibly think about adopting one of these beautiful animals. I am writing this because the house cats think its alright to wake me up at 3 AM for some head scratching. They also say not getting enough sleep will take years away from your life but I think both balance each other out.
 Bruno is about 3 years old male and is a Coon Hound mix and is black and brown. He is a large dog and was brought to the center on 2/10/11. He is a loving dog and is looking for a loving home forever.
Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts
1300 West Elm Street-Extension
Brockton, Ma 02301
508-586-2053 for hours of operation